The company is engaged in:

1. The construction of models - mainly civilian and military ships - offer models, models for shipbuilding and museums to order on scales defined by the ordering party and according to the documentation provided. The models are made of brass, galvanized sheet and titanium-zinc. We also use other materials, primarily plastics: PVC panels, plexiglass and casting resins.
2. Designing cardboard models and preparing elements for cutting with laser or water.
3. Pro-Model Publisher.

    I am also interested in ship modeling and involvement outside of my professional work. I have the qualifications of the international judge of the NAVIGA World Modeling Shipbuilding Organization - "PL-19 / C-J license" and hence an additional tab regarding the organization and reduction of ship modeling in Poland.


ul. Kozanowska 40
54 - 142 Wrocław, Polska
tel./fax +48 71 353 14 34
mobile +48 502 38 62 53


Address for correspondence;
Maciej Poznański
Dzielna 9/12
54-152 Wrocław, Polska