S.S. Wilno

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S.S. Wilno, later Wieluń - Polish merchant ship.

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S.S. Wilno, later Wieluń - a Polish merchant ship, one of a series of so-called "French" (next to S.S. Kraków, S.S. Katowice, S.S. Poznań and S.S. Toruń) - the first units of the Polish Merchant Navy to be created.
In the interwar period, the ship sailed mainly in the Baltic and North Sea basins, transporting Polish coal to the ports of Sweden and Great Britain. From the time of acquisition until 1951, the owner of the ship was the shipping company Żegluga Polska.
During World War II he became famous for his reckless escape from the French port of Sfax in Tunisia. Then came a long period of war cruises, and in 1946 return to the country.
In 1949 the ship was taken over by the new state-owned shipowner Polska Żegluga Morska based in Szczecin. The current name "Wilno" was changed to the more politically correct "Wieluń" at that time and the vessel was named for decommissioning on October 7, 1958. Soon after, it was cut into scrap metal.

Technical Data;
Shipyard - Chantiers Navals Français, Blainville-sur-Orne
Launched - 1926
Scrapped - 1958
Carrying capacity - 3007 DWT
Overall length (L) - 84.60 m
Width (B) - 12.10 m
Draft (D) - 5.60 m
Drive - steam machine
Engine power - 1200 HP
Max speed - 9th century
Crew - 28 people

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