B 861/1 Strażak – 28

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Strażak-28 for the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority.

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The vessel, marked with the construction number B861 / 1, is a further development of the B860 tugboat project, 6 of which for the Navy were built at the shipyard in 2017-2021. The B861 has kept the dimensions of its predecessors - it is 29.2 m long, 10.47 m wide, but the design draft is lower, 3.45 m. The drive consists of two engines with a power of 1640 kW, thanks to which the maximum speed of the Firefighter-28 will be 12 knots and the bollard pull will reach 45 tons.

 The main equipment of a fire ship is a fire alarm system. In this regard, the B861 has two pumps with a capacity of 2700 m³ / h each, driving 3 water-foam cannons (foam monitors) with a capacity of 1350 m³ / h each. The crew consists of 8 people: four ship staff and four firefighters from the port fire brigade.

Because, in addition to being a fire ship, it will also perform functions
towing, will obtain L2 ice class.

 Basic parameters of the Strażak-28

• Overall length 29.20 m

• Length between perpendiculars 25.06 m

• Overall width 10.47 m

• Height to the main deck 1.55 m

• Design draft 3.45 m

• Speed ​​12 knots

• Crew of 8 people


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