PSV B 857 Avalon Sea

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Arctic AHTS B857/1 Avalon Sea
AVALON SEA is the first ship ordered by the Canadian Shipowner Secunda Canada in Poland, as well as the first ship of this type built in the Polish shipyard for the North American market.
Scale 1/100 and 1/75

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About the project;
The ship built according to the Rolls - Royce Marine project is intended primarily to monitor and control the state of freezing, and if necessary, also to correct the course of moving icebergs in the region of Labrador and Newfoundland, thus protecting offshore installations against possible collisions with " wandering "iceberg.

Its tasks will be carried out around one of the largest mining platforms "Hibernia".

The ship has an unusual bow and hull shape patented by Rolls - Royce Marine. This shape improves the ship's nautical properties, especially when sailing on a large wave. The constructed ship is equipped with an integrated Rolls - Royce Marine new generation bridge - so-called Unified Bridge.

Ship details;
Basic parameters:
Overall length 87.30 m
Length between the verticals 78.00 m
Width 20.00 m
Height on amidships 8.50 m
Construction draft 5.80 m
140 MT pull
Crew (people) 23 + 28
DWT 4200 t
Drive system:
• 2 x 2880 kW main engines (at 900 rpm))