ORP Albatros

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ORP Albatros (602) - the second of the three anti-mine ships of the 258 Kormoran II project, built for the Polish Navy by the Consortium consisting of the Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. shipyard, Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. Research and Development Center S.A. and Naval Shipyard S.A.

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Laying the keel - September 18, 2018

Displacement - 830 tons

Length - 58.50 m

Width - 10.30 m

Draft - 2.70 m

Hull material - amagnetic austenitic steel

Drive -2 MTU 8V369TE74L diesel engines, 2 shafts, 2 cycloidal propellers

Range - 2500 nautical miles

Speed ​​- 15 knots

Crew - 45 officers and sailors

Weapons - the ship cannon Triton OSU-35K caliber 35 mm, 3 WKM-Bm 12.7 mm machine guns, Grom missile launchers, a system of remotely and wirelessly fired explosives for destroying sea mines (Toczek), self-propelled explosives for destroying mines Głuptak

Equipment - Ship Combat Management System SCOT-M, Passive Defense System, Deep sea vehicles: Saab DE SAROV, Kongsberg Hugin.

Sonars - SHL-101 / TM keel sonar and SHL-300 self-propelled sonar, KATFISH 180 Kraken towed sonar, Mk11 SharpEye navigation radar, IFF transponder.

1/50 scale