B851/1-8 Bongo

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Platform Supply Vessel - MMC 877L Projekt 111 Bongo after reconstruction

Skala 1/200 and 1/75

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It is the world's largest unit of this type in the ship class with a length of up to 90 m, with a lifting capacity of 5,500 tons.
The deck area of ​​1050 sq m at a load capacity of 10t / sq m allows you to carry large-size, containerized, pipe packages and other loads necessary for drilling wells or platform servicing, the deck's load capacity is almost 3000 tons.

Its transport capacity is not limited to liquid cargoes, fuel, water or bulk cargo, it is adapted to transport dangerous goods in tanks below the deck. The ship was also equipped with oil spill control systems.

The transferred unit is not a standard diesel-electric ship of this type, which many Remontowa Shipbuilding builds. It is a ship using medium voltage technology (4.16 kV) and innovative technology for controlling the frequency of current of electric drive motors - the azimuthal manufacturer VFD. The ship was also equipped with an integrated control system for navigational equipment, control of general-cargo and cargo systems, DP in class 2 and propelling bow thrusters and FIFi-Repair system. sp. z o.o. from Gdynia.

Overall length 92,65 m
Construction width 18.80 m
Side height up to PG 7.40 m
Draft Max.
6.05 m
The speed of 14.3 knots
DWT resistance;
5513 t
Loading deck 2900 t
The crew of 52 people
Brazil flag
Home port of Rio De Janeiro
Platform Supply Vessel unit type